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      Some problems that should be paid attention to convert Gerber files

      更新时间:2016-04-11 13:10:47点击次数:2886次字号:T|T

      A, Protel turn for DOS Gerber should pay attention to the problem

      , 1 D code don't match the upper and lower limits set too wide, such easy to cause error is too large, the minimum distance cannot be guaranteed.

      2, sometimes filling area (Fill) conversion may cause confusion. At this time should be delete all D the clock square D yards, again.

      3, in the D code matching and not require manual matching, must choose way 3.

      4, when arc (arc), interval (arc Quality) don't set too small, otherwise it will cause large amount of data, and circular arc edge is not smooth.

      5, resistance welding expand value can be negative.

      6, describe or arc conversion can choose linear description.

      Software Arcs: on to linear description, transformation in the garden arc line approximation.

      Software Arcs: off for arc described, the real garden arc described.

      Description accept arc light painting machine had better use arc described. Do the Gerber file data volume is small, light painting circular arc edge is smooth.

      7, when D code for more than 24, should be G54 options open.

      8, when one side welding plate need to punch to the Options \ Single layer Pad Holes, open the project.

      9, some tools can be generated by the MAT files completely configuration D clock.

      Second, Protel for Windows turn Gerber should pay attention to the problem.

      1, use PFW according to PCB file to automatically generate D clock. But the D D code in the table may be as many as hundreds of, at this time should be clearly know your D code what is the capacity of light painting system.

      , if the 2 D spec is not automatically generated by the PFW, the following conditions may lead to error:

      (1) may have a size of 0 in PFW bonding pad or lines;

      (2) when there is Relief type of bonding pad;

      3 D code is not configured.

      In the above case in the MAT files will appear a great D yards.

      3, long of PFW anise type of bonding pad, the transformation code table should not have such a D D yards. Because most of the light painting under the current system of all don't accept this kind of definition, appear this kind of D code can lead to errors. Encounter this kind of circumstance should be used when filling way to match the D code.

      4, had better use user-defined D codes, and don't use PFW automatically generated D spec.

      Three problems should be paid attention to when, PADS Gerber.

      , PADS presupposition of 1 D D yards of clock capacity is too small, needs to expand its capacity.

      2, some copper PADS file needed after filling in the transformation.

      3, due to the particularity of PADS software design line, need to watch every in the graph to select which elements, roll out graphics error mistakes can be avoided.

      Four, PowerPCB Gerber should pay attention to the problem.

      1, some copper PowerPCB file needed after filling in the transformation.

      2, PowerPCB PADS is the Windows version of the software, so basically the same as the PADS in the file conversion, the same problem also need to pay attention to observe each in the graph to select which elements, roll out graphics error mistakes can be avoided.