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      Printed circuit board operations add "smart"

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              Benefit of tablet computers, smart phones and other new products, make the flexible printed circuit board

      applications more hasten is multivariate, relative PCB industry chain operational performance is outstanding, in recent years, the agency also expected the next three or five years there is still a good times.

              Printed circuit board (PCB) is divided into: flexible printed circuit board (FPC), traditional PCB and integrated circuit (IC) substrate three areas, gross margins always with IC substrates in the champions league, FPC benefit market demand rise in recent years, gross margin is below IC substrate, a county of science and technology is the first time for king shares listed ark with PCB FPC vendors and industry chain.

              In terms of listed PCB industry chain, the first three quarters the after-tax profit per share top four for the health science and technology, Taiwan county circuit board technology, kinsus science and technology, South Asia, obvious apple stocks push strength, kinsus in June for the first time become the "king", then with jian ding, south electricity lead with each other, county economy, unless the itself to operate the identity, FPC market in this booming doubts still.

              Taiwan FPC technology in recent years, the quality and delivery are certainly, more 311 earthquake of Japan in 2011, 50 years of Thailand floods the blessing, the world's largest flag Japanese FPC factory wins (Mektron) and the Japan's second largest, the world's third largest rattan warehouse (Fuj kura) of Thailand factory has just announced a return to work on Taiwan department of FCP factory add single effect.

              PCB industry last year an apparent recovery, but also drive the related industrial chain this year rare public ark to upsurge, including soft copper foil substrates (FCCL) factory Asia electric materials, FCCL polyimide (PI) film factory of upstream separately listed ark of science and technology, in the capital markets group also gradually increased.